We provide you with the security and the confidence that you deserve, assuring your pieces of art and valuable objects, so you can enjoy them knowing that they are protected.

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knowing that they are insured.

Collectibles Coverage

We are aware that items have material and sentimental value. Family heirlooms collected throughout lifetimes have a profound personal significance for family members. Interbrokers offers protection for your valuable collectibles. Backed by the largest reinsurer of art in Europe, these policies give you the confidence and trust you deserve to enjoy their heritage to their fullest.

This exclusive policy gives coverage against potential hazards. It is designed to protect the interests of individuals with interest in art, and are adapted to the specific needs of the client and their collection, regardless of the size or the place where they are located. We at Interbrokers, insure paintings, drawings, sculptures, archeological artifacts, stamps, jewelry, antique furniture, musical instruments, and other collectibles.

Our confidentiality is one of the most important values you can count on when insuring your collectibles with Interbrokers. The risks are protected by legislation which prohibits the disclosure of information.

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Collectible Insurance