Dear collaborators,

my wife Jeannette and I, along with a delegation of 23 members of my staff and associates have just returned from the extraordinary convention of GBG Latin American brokers held in Rome and Sorrento.

We would like to highlight the fact that my sons Paul and Diego Rosales also attended the convention. They are getting more actively involved with the agency for institutional and social activities. It is very encouraging for me as a parent and as a founder of this company to see my children attending and interacting with our associates, as well as with the rest of the participants.

We must say that these days were great, full of companionship and friendship among all the 174 participants.

Our most sincere appreciation goes to GBG staff, led by Ricardo González as Managing Director of Latin America, together with Luciene Dasilva and Karen Cordero, Ronaldo Vásquez, Mariana, Sabrina, Dr. Aline Cairo and the rest of the organizing team. They did an outstanding work as planners and hosts of the event.

All the attendees constantly mentioned how pleased we were with so many special details for the participants and even more for our spouses, who were at every moment an import part of the event. Our spouses were very flattered and event those who attended the convention for the first time identified themselves immediately with GBG and participated in all the activities. Spouses are an essential part of our professional practice; they live through the ups and downs of the business and deserve the same or more recognition than us for the great support they provide to our work. Bravo GBG for being so special!

GBG’s management demonstrated that companies are made of human beings and this was the most remarkable aspect of the convention, the humanist sense of the company towards its associates, their spouses and its staff, which can be inferred to be the same towards its clients.

It is always a pleasure to visit Rome, especially in spring when the weather becomes a great ally. The work agenda was enriched with cultural activities and tours that were a delight for all the participants during the wonderful days we enjoyed of this ancient city.

In their presentations Andy Thurburn, Ed Zutler and Ricardo González expressed and made clear their commitment to the Latin American market, due to the international nature of the company. We were informed that the Latin American market became the major individual segment of GBG. This demonstrates the great power of the continent and the significance of relying on the most prestigious sales power of the region. We would like to make a special recognition to Ricardo González and all his staff for such a meaningful achievement. In only two years and with positive profit results, they have produced, together with their brokers, such an excellent outcome. For us, as professional agencies, it is a great factor of stability and motivation, since we can serve our clients confident that we rely on a company of GBG’s stature.

Social activities

The welcoming cocktail and dinner, where many of us met for the first time during the conference, had a great energy and the band, atmosphere, friends and spirits made us dance until the final chords. That night we were delighted with a gourmet dinner and enjoyed different Latin American, Italian and international musical rhythms like salsa, samba, ballad and bolero.

The visit to a vineyard where we learned how to make pasta was extremely enjoyable and nice. I am still taking flour out of the pockets of my jacket. The fuss started with the nonnas who taught us how to make this wonderful Italian food known all over the world as “pasta fatta in casa”. Can you imagine almost 200 people aligned in several tables, drinking a delicious Prosecco, with flour in their hands ready to knead the dough, wearing a GBG blue apron, suddenly having their faces covered with flour by the nonnas? How beautiful environment in the middle of a vineyard in Rome’s countryside! Dinner was absolutely delicious and included the pasta we made ourselves. The environment could not be more exciting, with people making the wave from table to table as an expression of their great pleasure for the special event. Ed Zutler in his speech said that these were moments of companionship that neither him nor Andy Thurburn had experienced in their long professional careers and thanked for the support to GBG.

The visit to the Vatican’s museums pleased all the participants equally for the historical, religious and cultural value of the place. The Sistine Chapel was the top of the tour, with Michelangelo’s frescos portraying the Genesis of man, his connection to God and the Final Judgment, masterfully painted on the ceiling of the chapel. Later, we had lunch in one of the most famous places in the world, Alfredo Ristorante, where the renowned Pasta Alfredo was created. This place gathers in paintings the portraits of rich and famous people and also of no so rich celebrities who have visited the restaurant for many years. It is worth to say that lunch was delicious and again all the participants exuded a feeling of companionship.

The final dinner was the master event of the convention, with all the guests covering our faces with Venetian masks for the cocktail, entertained by a typical Italian band that was delight of the soiree, singing songs from all over the country. There, all the attendants took group photos in which our agency’s large delegation stood out.

Later, we moved to the gala dinner and the ceremony of awards to brokers and agencies. Our dear collaborator Armando Santander received the award to the best third broker in individual sales 2015. Congratulations to Armando and Cecilia, his beautiful and charming wife.
Interbrokers, represented at this ceremony by myself and Jeannette, as well as by our associate brokers, received the award for the second place in sales as GBG Master Agency 2015. Congratulation to us all!
We thank you all, our collaborators weather you qualified or not for this convention, for the extraordinary efforts you make every day and the contribution your make with your business and work.

I shall make a special recognition to the organization team of Interbrokers because their constant effort and excellent service allow our associates to dedicate themselves to make new business, making them successful in their sales management and deserving of this kind of awards. The sum of efforts of all makes the total.

The extension to Sorrento was also wonderful. The region is full of a very Italian atmosphere where you can breathe glamour and fun. The choice of the hotels, Bellevue Syrene and Imperatore are the most renowned in the area and offer direct views to the see, with wide rooms that reflect the white ambience of the Mediterranean. Here, once again, GBG and its staff delighted us with a very special agenda that included a guided visit to the beautiful Island of Capri, with a tour to its wonderful crags that project above the sea as gigantic natural formations admired by all. Capri is a glamorous and romantic island frequented by the international jet set. It is always a pleasant visit.

Rome and its surroundings, Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi coast surrendered at our feet, for the delight of all the participants in this magnificent convention by which GBG celebrated its triumphant positioning in the Latin American market and thanked the effort of all the attendants.

We invite you to make an effort to join us in a cruise along the Rhine River in 2017, navigating through the heart of Europe, for a fascinating convention that will give us great memories and will strengthen the bonds of friendship and companionship among the participants.

Our best wishes,
Ricardo and Jeannette Rosales

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